As a child, Raki developed an eye for fashion, and started to dream of becoming a designer at an early age. Creating unique garments for any occasion, with limitless creativity and talent, Raki stays at the forefront of fashion.  After attending college, where she studied Apparel Design and Costuming, Raki began to build her brand Raki and Ruth clothing co. (formerly known as MSc, My Style clothing). The brand name, Raki and Ruth, is derived of two names, Raki, current sole designer, pattern maker, and seamstress, and Ruth, who is Raki’s grandmother that is in heavens paradise.  Since graduation in 2012, Raki and Ruth has appeared in multiple fashion shows, and even a couple hosted by herself. Rakia plans to keep Raki and Ruth clothing co. at the cutting edge of fashion and continue to amaze her clients with their custom visions coming to life! In 2021, Raki & Ruth is here to provide you with a new shopping experience. Come enjoy wine and music as you shop one-on-one with Raki herself, or even online from the comfort of your home! P.S. Never give up on your dreams, it may take some time but remember good things in life are marathons, not a sprint.